Teletherapy Professionalism – No Shortcuts!

I have heard teletherapy managers, supervisors, and company owners speak about shocking behaviors some teletherapists overlook as acceptable, much to the dismay of other professionals in our field.  From having family members entering the office during the provision of teletherapy services, dogs barking, an ill child sitting on the therapist’s lap, to wearing inappropriate clothing; these are just some of the expamples. Why are…

New To Telepractice? Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions!

So, you are an established Speech/Language Pathologist or perhaps you are just beginning your SLP career. If you are interested in pursuing teletherapy, what do you need to consider before signing with a company that wants to contract with you to provide services?  When I became a teletherapist over 7 years ago, I felt comfortable working with students onsite, but what should…

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