Personalized Telepractice Training

We work with individual Speech/Language Pathologists wanting to learn about telepractice as well as how to go about providing teleservices.  We offer: educational courses, sessions demonstrating how to use a particular platform, and provide information for development of personal telepractice materials.  “New” telepractitioners are able to schedule platform-specific practice sessions to better understand and successfully provide teletherapy services.

Are you a telepractice company that contracts with independent therapists?  Would you like your telepractitioners to have a better grasp of your therapy platform but your hands are tied because you cannot legally train independent contractors?  Are some of your newly contracted teletherapists not catching on as quickly as you had hoped? We offer personalized training sessions to assist with these hurdles. Consider recommending that your teletherapists contact us to schedule an individualized training appointment and we will be happy to show them the “ropes.”  The platform will be reviewed and each telepractitioner will have the opportunity to practice using the platform with an experienced telepractitioner.