School Districts

What if we told you that S&L Teletherapy Consulting is offering something no one else can offer?  What if school districts could save money while teletherapists are paid more than they make with any teletherapy company?  Do we have your attention?  The CEO of our company has created a system that allows school districts to work directly with teletherapists, cutting out the teletherapy company “middle man” along with his “cut.”  The CEO personally interviews each teletherapist and uses that information to determine the bests “fit” for your school’s needs. You are offered a list of candidates to consider and interview via phone or an online, video-conferencing platform.  The number of candidates varies depending on the number of private practitioners that apply. 

Once you have chosen a candidate, s/he is directly contracted with your district. Your new teletherapist works directly with your district’s administration; you no longer have to contact a teletherapy company who then contacts the teletherapist if an issues arises.  Instead, you deal directly with the teletherapist as an independent contractor. No more paying exorbitant hourly fees to the teletherapy company who then takes their “cut” and ends up paying the teletherapist far less. This type of business model results in large turnover and an inability to find highly qualified SLP teletherapsits. This way, there is far less teletherapist turnover, you work with the teletherapist just as if s/he were working onsite, and the money you save stays in the district.  It is a win-win!

Our professionals assist with the set-up of the telepractice program, conduct any necessary trainings, assist with scheduling (if needed), etc.  Once the set-up is complete our job is complete. We step away. We are happy to serve as consultants for the district allowing us to assist with any questions or difficulties you may have.  

The initial contact with your school district can be face-to-face provided that arrangements* can be made.  Ms. Sippl, our CEO, is willing to travel to your district to personally meet you.  “That’s what is missing with the large teletherapy companies today,” Ms. Sippl reported. “Everyone, whether the school district or each teletherapist, is just a number.  I experienced this firsthand!  The personalized connection is missing.  As a school district, I would want to personally meet the person in charge of setting up our teletherapy program.  I would want to know that the company actually ‘hears’ our needs.”

Ms. Sippl also reported, “Most teletherapy companies do not take the time to educate the school staff about teletherapy.  Many times teachers have no idea that their students are receiving Speech/Language therapy services via an Internet video-conferencing platform. Teletherapy is not a short-cut or lesser in terms of quality of service; it’s just a different type of service delivery model with research to substantiate its effectiveness!”

If your school district is interested in finding out more about how S&L Teletherapy Consulting can help fulfill your Speech/Language therapy needs, please feel free to schedule a consultation.  Go to the “Contact Us” page to schedule an appointment with our CEO, Tracy Sippl, M.S., CCC-SLP.

*Travel to a district is subject to the CEO’s availability and cost of transportation and lodging will be the responsibility of the school district.