Kathleen DeLapp Cohn

I reached out to Tracy when my personal life and work life struck each other head on like two asteroids colliding with nuclear explosive force! I ran a small private practice and it was weeks before my daughter’s wedding when new school contracts came in with numbers significantly higher than I expected.  I was already burning the midnight oil finalizing our “Do it Yourself Wedding”, and the realization hit me hard of the need to hire and train new therapists to be up and running the week after the wedding! I knew I had to get help as it was an impossible feat to try to do it myself! I immediately thought of Tracy.  I was familiar with her blogs and contributions on a few telepractice group sites. I was impressed with her knowledge and expertise. I reached out to her and she thankfully said yes! I discussed with Tracy what my needs were, and she immediately narrowed down the materials that she needed to cover during the training. She was professional, decisive, and well prepared to handle the task at hand.  The feedback from my therapists was overwhelmingly positive, and all felt it was the stepping stone they needed to start the first day with confidence! She provided not only the knowledge, but resources for the therapists to use in the future for teletherapy. Since that time, I have reached out to Tracy for advice on a few different situations that arose during the school year.

Tracy was an asset to our company with her effective training program for school teletherapy.  She demonstrated the ability to rise to the challenge I asked her to take on, and I highly recommend her to any individual or organization looking to pursue training or consultations in teletherapy!

Kathleen DeLapp Cohn, MS, CCC-SLP
Director of Clinical Services
Rock Creek Teletherapy, LLC