End of Year Teletherapy Wrap–Up

As you open your Google calendar and realize that the school year is ending in a few, short weeks, your mind begins to spin with thoughts about all of the things you have yet to do! This post contains a running list of “To Do’s,” assisting you with closing out the school year. 

From planning end of the year activities to finishing up Progress Reports, you can begin to feel overwhelmed. I know when I can see the list of steps I need to complete, it helps me feel more in control. Having a checklist of tasks available also helps so nothing is overlooked.

The tasks listed here are not in a specific order and the list is not “all inclusive.” Feel free to add your own tasks to this template.

  • Complete any last evaluations weeks ahead of time to allow other professionals time to complete theirs and prepare for the impending IEP team meeting.
  • Check to be sure you’ve uploaded any final evaluations and paperwork into the appropriate online platform before your last day of school.
  • Look over your list of IEPs for the months of May and June. Be sure to schedule them according to your district’s guidelines. Reach out to the caregivers and staff weeks in advance, allowing them time to schedule attendance.
  • Check to be sure you’ve completed the assigned hours of therapy for each student.  If you have any therapy minutes you need to make up, now is the time to do it!
  • Check to see if you have any students that will be gone on vacation or will be finishing the school year early. Have those Progress Reports and caregiver contacts at the top of your list.
  • Do any of your students qualify for extended school year (or ESY)? Are you interested in providing those services? Let the district and telepractice company know (usually requested by early May).
  • Notify the caregivers, students, and staff what the last, scheduled therapy day will be for the school year. Be sure you have approval from the school district as well as the telepractice company you work for before sharing the date.
  • Plan fun, end-of-the-year activities for your students. Games asking what each student has learned during the year and activities requiring students to revisit their therapy goals are great ways to close out the year!  
  • Send home any accumulated materials you have for each student (e.g., worksheets, articulation pages) asking the caregivers to go through them with the students, reviewing what goal each activity addressed.
  • Put together a group of materials for your students to practice over the break. From articulation coloring pages to language puzzles, creating fun workbooks for students can help deter skill regression. Including an activity calendar for caregivers and students may help with the completion of the activities you send home.
  • Check to be sure you’ve completed any and all documents you’ve been sent by the telepractice company. They usually send feedback forms, ask for the hours you want to work during the next school year, and others.
  • Do you have concerns you would like addressed before beginning the next school year? Reach out to your Account Manager or Clinical Supervisor to discuss them.
  • Be sure you submit your hours for pay at the end of the year.  It can be easily overlooked during that last month of school!

Having this list may help you feel more confident about closing out the school year. Here’s wishing you all of the best! Have a wonderful summer!

Are there additional “To Do” items you would add to this list? Please include them in the comments section to share!

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