Donna Goldstein Boyer


I invited Tracy to present to our speech/language area group in eastern Illinois last year. She presented “Tell-A Me- About Tele-Therapy-From A-Z. She demonstrated exceptional knowledge about the field of teletherapy and we learned so much! Following the presentation, we knew all about  equipment needed to provide teletherapy services from home, how to meet HIPAA standards, and what questions to ask a teletherapy company when interviewing for a job. Her demonstrations and thorough explanations about maintaining quality internet connections ensured that we will know what to anticipate and how to problem-solve when encountering technical difficulties during teletherapy service delivery. She also provided a realistic perspective when presenting pros and cons of providing teletherapy services from one’s home.

I have worked with a teletherapy company and I feel her knowledge and expertise exceeded those of the company.

Donna Goldstein Boyer M.S., CCC-SLP