Kathleen DeLapp Cohn

I reached out to Tracy when my personal life and work life struck each other head on like two asteroids colliding with nuclear explosive force! I ran a small private practice and it was weeks before my daughter’s wedding when new school contracts came in with numbers significantly higher than I expected.  I was already burning the midnight oil finalizing…

Dr. Yusuf Akamoglu

6/29/2018 Ms. Sippl participated in our research study about rapport building via telepractice service delivery. She showed a great enthusiasm and professionalism during her interviews with us.  Throughout the interviews, Ms. Sippl emphasized that building rapport with her clients was very critical to achieve their speech therapy goals and have positive outcomes.  Some of the practices that Ms. Sippl utilizes,…

Donna Goldstein Boyer

7/18/2018 I invited Tracy to present to our speech/language area group in eastern Illinois last year. She presented “Tell-A Me- About Tele-Therapy-From A-Z. She demonstrated exceptional knowledge about the field of teletherapy and we learned so much! Following the presentation, we knew all about  equipment needed to provide teletherapy services from home, how to meet HIPAA standards, and what questions…

Yao Du, M.A.

7/3/2018 I have had the pleasure to learn from Ms. Tracy Sippl through various kinds of consultation and research opportunities related to telepractice since 2016. Tracy is an extremely knowledgeable and compassionate clinician with decades of experience as a telepractice specialist, as well as a consultant and clinical supervisor. In addition to her clinical practice, she has active online presence…

Rachel Stansberry

7/1/2018 Tracy, I heard great feedback about your presentation on Tuesday. I am going to advertise your ASHA course and your blogs on our MSHA website in our next blog post. I’ll send you the link!   Thanks again and I really appreciate all you’ve done for me and our state association. Happy Fall! Rachel Stansberry, M.A. CCC-SLP Speech-language Pathologist

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