Our Mission

Empower school districts to save money and teletherapists to increase their autonomy!

  • Assist teletherapists to have a full-time caseload without having to work with multiple school districts!
  • Inform educators, administrators, school-board members, superintendents, special-education directors, clinical directors, and clinical supervisors that there are viable options to service clients remotely as the national therapist shortage continues.
  • Assist professionals working with clients to reach their full potential using technology they already know.
  • Educate companies, hospitals, clinics about creating and running successful teletherapy programs reaching children and/or adults.
  • Help therapy specialists (e.g., Speech/Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Behavioral Health professionals) learn the teletherapy “ropes,” practice, and grow in confidence in their online skills.
  • Enlighten individuals and companies that are looking into remote therapy about types of questions to ask a teletherapy company before signing a contract.
  • Educate and train professionals to become successful teletherapists.
  • Provide small-group and large-group individualized, educational presentations about teletherapy.
  • Work with small, private practices and large companies to establish successful remote, therapy programs.

About Tracy Sippl

The owner and CEO of S&L Teletherapy Consulting, Mrs. Tracy Sippl, M.S., CCC-SLP, has been a practicing, Speech/Language Pathologist for 30 years.  She has worked with students in schools for 24 years and has provided teletherapy services during the last six. She has experience from a parent, as well as a professional, perspective as one of her own children received school-based services.

Mrs. Sippl received teletherapy certification through the Speech Therapy Telepratice Accredited Training Program  located at Waldo County General Hospital in Belfast, Maine.  It is the only American Telemedicine Association (or ATA) accredited program in the United States.

She has worked with various teletherapy companies over the years and is familiar with many video-conferencing platforms that are available for remote treatment.She is an elected member of ASHA’s Special Interest Group (or SIG) 18-Telepractice Coordinating Committee and a panelist for the SIG 18 online chat, “Telepractice in Your School: Determining What Telepractice Models and Providers Are a Good Fit for Your District.”  Mrs. Sippl has created online, teletherapy courses and videos providing ASHA-approved, continuing education credits. She is an experienced presenter at the state and national levels, who has contributed articles about Teletherapy featured in The ASHA Leader and ASHA Sphere. Mrs. Sippl has a keen interest in- and commitment to- improving teletherapy services for both the provider and the client.